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Create a Social and Inviting Outdoor Space for your Landscape

Your landscaping should be at the top of your to-do list for the spring season. Why? Because very soon you will be ready to enjoy your outdoor spaces, and want somewhere that is perfect for barbecuing with family and friends, as well as relaxing on a nice day. Creating social and inviting spaces in your landscape make your home more inviting and fosters a social atmosphere when you are ready to entertain. There is no fun or pleasant conversation to be had if your patio concrete is badly cracked or the space is plagued with annoying critters who have taken up residence in the dark, damp and damaged areas of the outdoor room.

When you enter a well-kept and beautifully maintained outdoor patio or outdoor space, immediately you feel invited to take a seat, lay back and enjoy the cool breeze or the warm sun. You can also further enhance the space by adding a fireplace, fire pit, large potted plants and more.



Lifescape Associates can design the perfect patio or outdoor space for your Denver area home, just call us at 303-831-8310

Enliven your Backyard with a Stunning Pool

Though the weather might not reflect it, we have just broke free of the winter season and now we are in the midst of spring. There is no time like the present to enliven your backyard with a stunning pool. Before you know it, summer will be here. Some may have the convenience of a subdivision or neighborhood pool, but for those who like a more intimate setting when enjoying a hot summer day, having your own pool can be very rewarding. You want a pool that not only cools you off on a hot sunny day, but a pool designed to match the style of your home and the desires of your family.

Imagine exiting your back door to see a sparkling pool with the soft sounds of trickling water fountains in the background. It can definitely transform the atmosphere of your backyard to a place of peace, relaxation, entertainment and recreation.



If you live in the Denver area and need a pool specially designed for your home and landscape, contact Lifescape Associates.

Spring is the Perfect Time to Enhance your Landscaping

Spring is here and it is time to get your Colorado landscape looking healthy and beautiful. This time of year is the perfect time to have work done on your front or back yard. The temperatures are warming up and the wildlife will be out and about. For those of you who love to garden, you have probably already started making sure your home gardens are well pruned and planted. However, don’t forget that the rest of your yard needs to be taken care of with just as much zeal.

There are great benefits to having a professional landscape contractor come in and revitalize your landscaping. Enhancing your landscape can go far beyond simply pruning, planting and potting. Maybe you would like a larger courtyard in your landscape or perhaps you need to have a few trees removed to give your home greater curb appeal? Lifescape Associates can make your landscape a beautiful retreat for you, your family and guests.

Take a look at a few of our projects:





Lifescape Associates Celebrating 35 Years!

At Lifescape Associates we take our role as your trusted Landscape Investment Adviser very seriously. Your landscape is one of the most valuable real-estate assets you own and it’s our job to protect and grow it.  We are celebrating our 35th year working in Denver and Colorado and that means quality and dependability to our clients.

By utilizing green and sustainable horticulture practices on our clients sites, we protect the natural environment, people and pets from any potential risks, and enhance the overall healthcare of your landscape. We also protect and grow your overall property value as green properties…which sell faster and at a 10% premium to non-green properties!

Our creativity is inspired by nature and we can work with you to successfully create your dream landscape.  Please call Lifescape Associates at 303.831.8310 and speak with our design and maintenance team to talk about our next project.

Get your Irrigation System turned on and Ready for Spring!

Winter is on its way out and soon spring will be here. Most homeowners don’t realize that just like you have to prepare your irrigation system for winter by having the system properly turned off, you need to have a similar preparation plan for the spring and having the irrigation system turned back on. When your sprinkler system is turned on in spring, you should always have them flushed out. During winter time many small critters like to take refuge in sprinklers, pipes, tubes and emitters. Usually they squeeze in there during the winter but are not able to get out when spring arrives.

Once the irrigation system is flushed out, make sure that you give the sprinkler system a test run. While it is running, you are looking for clogged emitters or nozzles. Also if there is a calcium buildup on your sprinkler nozzles, that will have to be removed with calcium remover products. Also, check for leaking valves. The flexible seals can dry out during winter and begin to leak when the water is turned on. Your controller should be checked for proper run times for each station. It is possible that the battery may need replacing.

Lifescape Associates can get your irrigation system back up and running in no time. If you live in the Denver, Boulder or Aspen area, just give us a call at 303-831-8310.