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Adding a little Autumn Interest in the Landscape

The autumn season is a beautiful time in Colorado. From the changing of the leaves to the slight chill in the air, Fall is great time to get started on a few landscaping projects. One project in particular is including a variety of non-flowering plants in your landscape. Here are three great non-flowering plants, courtesy of ALCC:

1. Sedum Choosing sedum in different shapes and sizes will offer your landscape interesting foliage and texture amid the more showy blooming plants.

2. Ornamental kale This is a great fall plant because it works well as a mounding plant in containers. You can plant it in pots between groups of spill-over Plenti-fall petunias.

 3. Grasses Reminding us of fall grains, grasses of differing shapes and colors are very effective in creating autumn ambience. Grasses can add interest to your planting beds as well as be the tall focal point in containers.

Just make sure that when you do add new fall plants to your beds or containers, you give them adequate water right after planting. If you need a professional landscaping contractor to get your Denver or Boulder area landscape looking its best this fall season, contact Lifescape Associates at 303-831-8310.

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Fall Landscape Color: From Petunias to Pansies

Now that the fall season is here your petunias will become less perky as the season progresses. You want to begin considering different flower options now for something that is more seasonal. Luckily, there are a variety of colorful plants to choose from that will have your lawn looking perfect for pumpkin season.

Pansies are a wonderful option and new this year  is a variety of pansy called PlentiFALL. Available in assorted colors, these PlentiFALL pansies are great for cascading out of containers due to their trailing growth. Another reason why pansies are such a good choice is because of the value you receive from the cost. Pansies will come back for three seasons, making them a very cost efficient plant.

For the fall season, you can do a combination of black and orange pansies that play on both the pumpkin and Halloween season, plus add some eye-catching color to your garden or entryway.

Lifescape Associates can design and plant your beautiful fall garden, just give us a call at 303-831-8310.