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Gabions: New Design Items for the Landscape

Gabion was originally designed to be a lost cost option of retaining slopes typically, but not always around Riparian (waterway) Corridors. Recently, this design element has been used to bring a different and usually low cost feel to new facets in the landscape.

For example, these can be used as seating areas, walls, fences, columns, veneers, etc. Different types of fencing and metal can be used to contain the rock within to give the Gabion, yet another visual interest. Here are a few examples.




The image below is a T.V. stand we constructed with this Gabion concept. This was a popular item at the Colorado Fall Home and Garden Show that took place in the Fall.

Want to try something new in your landscape? Or maybe you want to bring a touch of nature into your home or business with gabions? Lifescape Associates can help! Just give us a call at 303-831-8310.

Lifescape Winter Construction Discount!

Great news Colorado! Lifescape Associates is offering a winter construction discount if you get a hardscape project constructed between December and February.  Clients can come to our design studio and select from over 30 different kinds of pavers! This is the perfect time to have construction done for new hardscapes because during the cooler seasons, you will not be outside as much. Get all the construction out of the way in the winter months so by the time spring arrives, you can have a brand new patio, retaining wall, driveway or whatever other hardscape you need at a discounted rate!

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For more information on this wonderful Winter Construction Discount, call Lifescape Associates at 303-831-8310. To see all of the Colorado cities and communities we service, visit

Quick Tip: You still have to water!

It is a common misconception that if you have your sprinkler system winterized that you are done watering until spring starts up. That is false. Just because the sprinkler system has been shut off does not mean your lawn does not still require watering. You may remember that last fall’s was very warm and dry and was followed up with a dry winter that killed trees, shrubs and lawns that had been stressed.

Do not be fooled, snow does not contain adequate moisture for your plants and lawn. You need to plan on watering your trees and shrubs once per month at the least from October until April. And if the weather conditions are a repeat of last year’s, be ready to water your lawn as well.

Contact Lifescape Associates if you need the help of professional landscape architects to keep your landscape beautiful and healthy all year round.


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Protecting your Backflow Prevention Device from a Freeze

One of the most costly components of a sprinkler system to replace is the Backflow prevention device. And it is also the most vulnerable in a freeze. Let’s say that an early freeze hits the Denver/Boulder area before you get a chance to blow out your sprinkler system. Repairs for a Backflow prevention device (BFP) can run you anywhere from $200-$400. If you need a simple solution, wrapping the BFP with something as simple as a paper bag can prevent this kind of damage.

The BFP is usually located  outside the home and close to the foundation and is clearly visible above ground. In order to properly protect it, you need to wrap it with a towel or some sort of household insulation, then cover the towel with a sturdy plastic garbage bag and secure it around the bottom with duct tape. As a result of taking this precaution, your BFP will stay dry and protected if there’s a freeze before the system is winterized.

But don’t let that be the only thing you do! In Colorado you still must winterize the entire sprinkler system by blowing out the lines with compressed air. Lifescape Associates can winterize your sprinkler system and have it ready to go come freeze, sleet or snow. Just give us a call at 303-831-8310.


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Garden with a Purpose

Do you garden with a purpose? Whether you plant home-grown vegetables and herbs in your back yard or have a yard designed to attract wildlife, gardening with a purpose is a growing trend that is popping up on landscapes all over Colorado and the nation. The simple clean cut residential landscapes of the past are now being transformed into something new and exciting. No more grass and trees that surround the house, now the landscape consists of views that can be enjoyed from the indoors for their aesthetic value and outdoor spaces that contribute to our everyday lifestyles.

What is your gardening purpose? Is it for relaxation and meditation? Do you love watching fluttering butterflies and hummingbirds? Do you prefer to grow your own produce? Lifescape Associates can help you make your gardening goals a reality. Let us design and plant your landscape according to your specific gardening purpose.


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