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Still Time Left for the Winter Construction Discount!

There is still time left to take advantage of Lifescape’s winter construction discount! If you plan on getting a hardscape project constructed between now and February, and you live within our servicing area, this is the deal for you!

Clients can come to our design studio and select from over 30 different kinds of pavers! The cooler season is the perfect time to have construction done for new hardscapes since you will not be out in the yard as much. It’s best to get all the construction out of the way in the winter months so by the time spring arrives, you can have a brand new patio, retaining wall, driveway or whatever other hardscape you need at a discounted rate!

For more information on this wonderful Winter Construction Discount, call Lifescape Associates at 303-831-8310. To see all of the Colorado cities and communities we service,

Flower Pots on Patios

Looking for a way to brighten up your outdoor patio or entrance way? Adding flower pots can charm any outdoor space with wonderful flowers and can be purchased at local stores. Choosing the right size and color can help tie your landscaping into the house or bring in new accent colors.

There are different kinds of plant containers, from clay flower pots, plastic, ceramic, fiber glass, hanging pots, sandstone urns, and many more. The right kind of plant container is up to you and what fits your space. With perfect placement and match with surroundings, it will enhance the splendor of your home as well as your garden.

If you live in the Denver or Boulder area and want to enhance your outdoor space, contact a designer at Lifescape for more information. 303-831-8310

The Dangers of Low Snowpack in the Garden

It is known in Colorado that gardeners depend on the annual snowpack to water their gardens and yards during the growing season.  However, since the snowpack has not been all that great this season, there is a fear that the water will not be as plentiful for summer gardening.

The Denver Post recently cited that the first manual check of Colorado’s snowpack showed only 73 percent of normal – and not one year during the last 30 that started this far below average, was there a return to normal snowpack by the start of spring.” –

There are others who are saying that now is too early to make the call, and there have been positive readings for some of the river basins. For example, the Arkansas River Basin is 89 percent of normal. However, we all know from the severe drought of 2002, snowpack conditions may look like one thing and end up as something else.

Are you worrying about your summer gardens? The best thing Coloradoans can do is to start conserving water, beginning with your own landscape.


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3 Great Hardscape Ideas for the Backyard

Our backyards are our sanctuaries. Many of us love to go out to our backyard and enjoy tending to the garden, laying out by the pool or our outdoor fireplace and just taking the time to relax and unwind from our hectic and stressful schedules. The hardscapes in our backyards play an important role in how we enjoy our backyard environment. If you are considering a backyard renovation for your Denver or Boulder area home, here are 3 hardscape options you may want to consider.

Backyard Patio

The patio is more than just a place to lay muddy shoes, it should have a floor layout that flows and furniture that is fashionable and functional.


If you have a large landscape that you enjoy taking a stroll through, make it easier on the eyes and on the knees with sturdy pathways and walkways to guide you along.

Retaining Walls

Whether you are using them to separate a space, enclose the garden or create different levels within the landscape, retaining walls are a great option for enhancing aesthetics while performing a much needed function.

If you need help deciding on the best hardscape option to enhance your backyard, contact a designer at Lifescape for more information on hardscapes and our winter construction discount303-831-8310 

Resolve to have a Better Landscape in 2012

You’ve probably already joined a gym or cleaned out your pantry of all the junk food, but have you started making arrangements to create a better landscape in 2012? Your yard is a very important part of your home. Before anyone steps foot in your house, the landscape is what greets them first. The curb appeal of your landscape matters because it sets the expectation. For a well maintained yard that has a pleasant mix of hardscapes and softscapes that complements the style of your home, it is assumed that the inside of your home is just as lovely and welcoming as the outside. However, if your yard could use some work and looks to be overgrown or under-kept, it may shy people away from coming inside.

If you live in the Denver or Boulder area and want to have a better landscape in 2012, simply contact a designer at Lifescape for more information. 303-831-8310 And don’t forget, Lifescape Associates is offering a winter construction discount if you get a hardscape project constructed between December and February! Hurry and call today to take advantage of these great savings!