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Watch out for Falling Trees!

Many trees on the Front Range have fallen due to extremely high winds. Since there has been record snowfall in February, the soil is soft and this creates instability for trees being bombarded by raging winds. Here are a few planting and precautionary tips from that can help you save the trees in your landscape.

  • Plant evergreens on the east side of your home for more protection against strong winds.
  • Reduce the mass in the crown of your deciduous trees to help prevent blowing over.
  • Have leaning trees in your landscape removed or proper reinforced if falling could create damage.
  • When selecting trees for tight areas, get professional advice on varieties that are best suited to a small growing space.
  • Be  aware that planting trees on slopes that lean away from the wind are also more susceptible to blowing over and could possibly fall on buildings below.

As always, if you live in the Denver, Colorado area and need professional landscape designers to help you design a landscape that is beautiful, functional and safe, contact a designer at Lifescape303-831-8310



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A Retreat in your Own Backyard

A vacation, we all love it. What better way to unwind than from a fabulous retreat that immerses you in the outdoors with a few luxurious pleasures? Well Lifescape Associates wants you to know you can have that everyday, right in your own backyard! Many homeowners don’t understand the outdoor living potential they have in their barren or average-looking backyard space. Hiring a landscape architect to look at the layout of your landscape and let you know the design potential of your landscape is just what you need to take your home environment to the next level.

Here is one example of a backyard retreat, that Lifescapes’ completed:


No need to hop on a plane when you have your own retreat right outside your back door. You can come home everyday to the perfect spot for rest and relaxation. Lifescape Associates can provide your landscape with luxurious features and concepts that will create the perfect back yard retreat for you and your family.  Contact a designer at Lifescape for more information. 303-831-8310

Get ready for Spring Color in the Landscape

Have you started thinking about what colors you want to see in your landscape this spring season? Now is a great time to start thinking about what seeds to get in preparation for the planting season. Why spring color? There is nothing that perks up your yard more that a healthy dose of vibrant color. From the back garden to flower pots on the front porch, colorful annuals and perennials make all the difference in enhancing our outdoor environments.

Here are a few spring blooms that will inspire you to think about what colors you want to see in your landscape this spring.


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Lifescape Associates can design and plant your beautiful spring garden, just give us a call at 303-831-8310.









5 Gardening Tips to get ready for Spring

Is the gardener in you just dying to get outside and go to work? Lifescape Associates understands.  Take a look at five things the ALCC says you can start to do now in order to get your garden ready for the spring season.

1. Compost. Even if the ground is snow covered, throw some fresh compost over the garden to let it settle into the soil so come planting time, you can work the soil right.

2. Planting Seeds. Start planting your cool season crops once the ground can be tilled in March and April.

3. Choose your crops. “Carrots, spinach, lettuce, beets, green onions, radishes, pak choi and peas are veggies to plant soon.”

4. Plan what will grow where. A good practice to do every year is rotate your vegetable placement. This is to avoid insects and diseases that can overwinter in the soil and attack specific vegetables.

5. Before you start to plant, rototill or hand till the ground to work in the compost.

What are you looking forward to planting in your garden this year?


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Luxe in the Landscape

Are you looking to upgrade your Denver or Boulder home landscape to add the look of luxury. A luxurious landscape is not only visually appealing, it also enhances your outdoor living experience. From water features (waterfalls, fountains and spouts) to fire ( fireplace and fire pit), to outdoor art (sculptures, statues and etc.), the look of luxe can incorporate a variety of different landscaping concepts.

Take a look at a landscaping project Lifescape Associates completed that has the look of luxe.

Are you ready for your Denver/Boulder area home landscape to enhance your outdoor lifestyle? Lifescape Associates can provide your landscape with luxurious features and concepts that will create the perfect back or front yard retreat for you and your family.  Contact a designer at Lifescape for more information. 303-831-8310