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Bring your Landscape to Life at Night with Lighting

Many homeowners tend to look at landscape lighting as more functional than aesthetic. Truthfully, light in your landscape does serve a functional purpose, however, lighting can also give your outdoor rooms mood, spotlight special landscape features, and enhance beautiful landscape work.

Tuscan outdoor roomThe uplighting highlights the Tuscan inspired fountain beautifully while the crystal chandelier gives this outdoor dining room an elegant, yet romantic glow.

Landscape lighting uplighting on fountain

Landscape lighting is especially important for your garden also.  Adding a calming glow and a serene atmosphere, your garden light fixtures can add to the fantastical nature of your garden setting.

Garden lightingLighting in the landscape brings a lively glow that creates a safer yard with beauty and grace.

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Don’t forget these Winter Lawn Care Tips

During the winter season in Colorado, while much of the landscape is dormant and the ground is frozen, it can be easy to forget that your landscape still needs care. Since you are not really mowing the lawn and trying to plant a garden, that’s no reason to bypass winter lawn care. Take a look at a few tips you don’t want to forget this winter season.

checking soil moisture

Checking soil moisture. Photo Credit:

Turf mites and winter kill can be a problem over the winter months. If there are long periods were there is no precipitation, lawns can dry out and decline. It will help if you put a note on your calendar to check your lawn’s soil moisture each month and water as needed, of course if the ground is not frozen. And remember to pay special attention to south and west facing areas, these areas will dry out faster. Slope are another area that needs more frequent checking because they also dry out faster than flat areas.

Have you started to preparing your Denver landscape for winter yet?








A Great Fall Season

Tree in City Park in DenverThe fall season is a wonderful time here in Colorado because for those of us who are out in the landscape, whether a gardener or a landscape contractor, in this season the work is getting started, yet  there is a wind down for the slow season to come.

If you are a gardener, you’ve more than likely already harvested your urban goodies like the tomatoes, green beans, and herbs to either the freezer or canning jars. Us landscape contractors have been readying the land for winter doing everything from irrigation shut offs to the final mow and leaf clean up. And the last of the trees have been or are being planted now.

It’s a great season to enjoy before the dormancy of winter. What are you looking forward to for your Denver area landscape this fall?


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Selecting the right Snow Thrower for your Needs

Man with snow throwerNow that the first snow has finally arrived in Denver, do you remember where your shovel is? But if you are tired of the physical strain shoveling snow takes on your body, it’s probably the right time to invest in a snow thrower. However, don’t just buy the first snow thrower you see. You need to select the right one for your needs. Take a look at a few tips from on choosing the right snow thrower.

  • If your home has a 1 or 2-car garage, driveway, and minimum of walk area to clear, consider a small single-stage thrower.
  • If your home  has a 2-car garage, wide driveway, and some walks to clear, opt for a medium size snow thrower.
  • If your home has a 3-car garage, larger driveway and/or large expanses of walks to clear, you’ll need to consider a two-stage snow thrower.
The difference between a single-stage thrower and a two-stage snow thrower is that the single stage is lighter and easier to maneuver, while the two-stage thrower is more heavy duty, has more power, and multiple speeds.
Do you use a snow thrower? Or do you still prefer the shovel?
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The Knot Garden: Blending Geometric Design and Nature

There really is no limit to what you can do with a beautiful Colorado landscape. For example, the knot garden. Via Wikipedia,” A knot garden is a garden of very formal design in a square frame, consisting of a variety of aromatic plants and culinary herbs.” So if you love to cook with fresh herbs as well as enjoy the refreshing aromas of a variety of plants, this could be the garden for you.

Besides delicious herbs and pleasant aromas, the knot garden also brings in a touch of geometric design that instantly attracts the eye, and visually can create a beautiful landscape scene.

Lifescape Landscape Garden ColoradoThe geometry of the knot garden is used to add a dynamic, yet traditional feel in this narrow backyard space.

landscape garden bench, Lifescape ColoradoThe curve of the bench ties in nicely with the curve of the gravel path and tumbled stone edge on the pathway.


Lifescape Colorado landscape projectA truly green space is realized in this image with bluegrass lawn, boston ivy vine on the house, and oak tree canopy.  The windows of the house line up with interesting elements in the garden, so there is always an interest when looking out of the window.

Interested in a knot garden for your Denver area home?