Integrate Aromatic Plants Into Your Landscape

Posted on December 18th, 2014 by +
Source: Lifescape Colorado

Landscape design is a holistic endeavor, orchestrated to provide stimulation and pleasure for all of the senses. Often, amateur designers place the largest emphasis on looks, without taking the other senses into consideration. With the right attention to detail, you can integrate landscaping elements that provide pleasing sounds, tangible delights, fruits, and vegetables to please the palate, as well as herbs and blooms that integrate pleasing aromas.

Plant These Aromatic Plants for Gardens and Landscapes

Every time the breeze blows or a flower opens you have the opportunity to enjoy intoxicating fragrances – compliments of Mother Nature. Here are some …
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Designing Landscapes & Gardens with Stone

Posted on December 16th, 2014 by +
Source: Lifescape Colorado

Water features are one of the most desirable elements you can incorporate into your landscape, but they’re typically designed for water sourced from a well or municipal water facility. Ironically, your Colorado landscape may not be equipped for the “real” water that needs to find egress during and after storms, or during the melt, keeping your foundation, walkways, and outdoor common areas free of pooling water.

Interested in Designing Landscapes & Gardens With Stone? Create a Dry Creek Bed

A dry creek bed is a functional and artistic way to use beautiful stones and rocks – from your own property …
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Can Your Dog Dig It? Pet Inspired Gardens & Landscapes

Posted on December 12th, 2014 by +

Dogs have long been man’s best friend and both interior and exterior designs can take the Dog of the House into consideration. If you’re planning a Colorado landscape design for a new piece of property or are ready to re-vamp your existing landscape, consider adding landscape and hardscape features your dog will dig.

Dog Inspired Gardens and Landscapes

Design for the breed. Dog breeds emerged as humans custom-bred their canines for looks and personality. Consider your dog’s personality when planning your landscape. Is your dog a digger? Will he stay out of water? Does she prefer to spend a good deal …
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Landscape Illumination: Modern Light Designs for Gardens

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Source: Lifescape Colorado

Much of the information about landscape lighting involves twinkly lights, lanterns, and other fixtures that are decidedly traditional in appearance. Where does this leave the modernist? If fairy lights aren’t your thing, we have plenty of ideas to design landscape illumination for modern gardens with nary a twinkle in sight.

Ideas for Designing Landscape Illumination for Modern Gardens

One of the most noticeable features of modern landscape lighting is that the lights are more integrated with the landscape rather than standing out as individual fixtures. You’ll observe plants that seem to glow from within, seemingly source-less ambient lighting and perhaps …
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Incorporating Elemental Sound Into Your Garden

Posted on December 5th, 2014 by +
Source: Lifescape Colorado

It isn’t as if outdoor pleasures are a mystery; watching the seasons change, connecting with nature, observing local wildlife – all of these are a given. At the deeper level, however, perhaps we enjoy our personal landscapes because they provide a complete sensory experience.

Incorporating Elemental Sound Into Gardens to Please the Senses

When you sit or work outside, you enjoy rich visual input: the feel of the breeze, sun, plants, etc., on your skin and you can smell the earth, plant matter, and blooms. You even have the ability to taste fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden. In a …
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